Outdoor Venues

Roanoke County’s Explore Park offers an expanse of rolling hills, deep ravines and pastoral meadows which lend themselves to a multitude of diverse and exciting events and activities which make this location a premier recreation venue and a backdrop for unique and memorable events. It can be tailored to meet individual, group and community needs. This 1100 acre park abounds with beautiful open fields and meadows, wooded areas, river views and access, biking and hiking trails and other scenic and accessible locations. We would be more than happy to discuss with you all that the park has to offer and to see how Roanoke County’s Explore Park can become your palette for adventure, opportunity and fun!

Explore Park’s natural beauty also lends itself to a wide variety of outdoor wedding options. The lawn of the Brugh Tavern is ideal for a tented event, the butterfly bushes and decorative garden arch near the Arthur Taubman Center are ideal for that intimate outdoor ceremony. The rolling hills, pristine woodlands and historic buildings invite your imagination and offer the opportunity to plan the wedding or event of your dreams. 

Rental Fee Schedule:

• $1500 rental fee for use of the park if it must be closed to the public to accommodate your activity/event.

• $600 rental fee for the use of specific outdoor locations. Included but not limited to the Lawn of the Brugh Tavern, field in front of the Houtz Barn, area by Kemp’s Ford School House, the field by the Hofauger House and the area by Slone’s Gristmill, the Frontier Fort and Journey’s End.

• Trail Races and Usage: A fee of $3 per participant will be charged for events with less than 500 and $5 for those from 500-1500. (Over 1500 to be negotiated). Rental prices for any additional space usage will be charged as outlined and added to total rental fee.

Amenities Include:

• Ability to decorate at location as desired. Some limitations apply and will be discussed individually depending on specific location
• Ability to bring in caterer of your choice
• Ample parking
• 14 miles of hiking/biking/running trails
• Use of outside trash receptacles/dumpster on site for waste disposal
• Use of tables and chairs located at the Visitor Center (for indoor use only) if renting that facility
Special Events Coordinator, Wendi Schultz
(540) 777-6326
Email Wendi
How Will My Outdoor Space Rental Be Processed?

  1. All individuals, groups and organizations wishing to host an activity or event at Roanoke County’s Explore Park must first submit a Special Use permit application available online here.
  2. Once this permit is received in the office it will be referred to Wendi Schultz, Tourism/Event Coordinator for Roanoke County. She can be reached at (540) 777-6326, or by email.
  3. The request will be reviewed within two weeks and contact made to the representative identified on permit application. If further information is needed, before request can be properly reviewed, this information must be received by the County within two weeks. If requested information is not received then application will be considered null and void.
  4. Once all information is received it will be reviewed by Roanoke County P,R & T representative/representatives and if approved then an Explore Park Special Use/Event License Agreement will be negotiated. If request is not approved applicant will be notified as soon as the decision has been made.
  5. At the sole discretion of Roanoke County additional restrictions may be imposed

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